Clearview Vision 500

Clearview Vision 500

Key Features

  • 8KW gross heat output.
  • Easily adjustable door to ensure air-tight seal at all times.
  • 10,000 BTU Domestic boiler which can be fitted at any time if needs be.
  • Double glazed panel, ensuring uninterrupted view of the flame.
  • Optional smoke control system allows for burning in clean air areas.
  • Rated at over 5KW, combustion air is required. Optional external air system can duct this air directly into stove.
  • Flat top, low canopy or high canopy options.
  • Solid construction, with any joints welded inside and out.
  • Easily riddling of the fire using external control and rotary grate.
  • Independent air controls for using wood or coal, which burn equally well.
  • Produced and hand finished by craftsmen in the UK.
  • Clean Burning is better for fuel consumption and the environment.
  • Stainless Steel Ash pan.
  • Simple Overnight burning.
  • Trouble free lighting and maintenance.
  • Top or rear flue outlet at 150mm (6”) diameter.

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