Online Shop

Here at last. It has taken a lot of work by our IT genius Rick, along with the whole team at CDSF, but our online shop is now live. We have added as many items as we can for the time being. Spare parts for your Clearview stove, Bio-ethanol products, outdoor living items such as the Kamado Joe and other sundry items. Stop by and see what you think.


Naghan Lodge
200 Newcastle Road
Seaforde, Co. Down
BT30 8NU


We have over 30 years of experience in the business. David is Chairman and PR Manager of the Northern Ireland Association of Chimney Sweeps, trains chimney technicians North and South of the border, has worked closely with the Health and Safety Executive in the successful launch of it's Carbon Monoxide awareness campaign and has given seminars for NI Building Control, NHBC and a number of architects throughout the province.
Our registered chimney technicians will install our solid fuel appliances to ensure it meets building and fire regulations at all times.
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