About Co. Down Stoves and Flues

You have found the home of Clearview Stoves in Northern Ireland. Our Naghan Lodge dates back to 1830, in Seaforde, County Down and was restored by us from a derelict old rectory to our family home. The property houses the entire range of UK built Clearview Multi Fuel stoves in the province, and the converted barn is a spectacular demonstration area for the beauty and warmth of a real flame through crystal clear glass. Come down for a visit and we’ll show you why these stoves are considered some of the most efficient and clean burning stoves in the world, and why many clients consider them to be one of the best things they have ever bought for their home.

David Campbell and his business partner wife, Wendy, with over 33 years of experience in the solid fuel industry, have built up an enviable knowledge and experience second to none. We have built a brilliant team of dedicated advisors, and installation teams, who pride themselves on giving sound advice through to an installation service to leave our competition “out in the cold”.

David is Chairman of the Northern Ireland Association of Chimney Sweeps (niacs.co.uk), and trains chimney technicians across Ireland. He has given seminars for building control, NHBC and sits on a steering group with the HSEni with regards to the Carbon Monoxide Awareness campaign.

With this background in the industry,  we both feel this site has lots of useful information to help you make an informed choice about your stove, or if you would like a demonstration and the chance to discuss options, you are more than welcome to call over to our Dundrum showroom with your plans, photos, sketches etc and see how we can help, or check out the outdoor events we are going to with the exhibition trailer. We always try to speak in a language you can understand, even though there is a lot more to the stove and flue industry that others would have you believe. We often hear people say they learn more in 5 minutes speaking with one of our team, than they have heard in the weeks of hardware, plumbing counter and fireplace shop visits…..so why not pop in and see why we are different?

David, Wendy and their team at CDSF

A bit about Clearview Stoves

It took us a while, but David and Wendy managed to bring the wonderful Clearview Stoves back to the Northern Ireland market place, and for the last 10 years have been their exclusive home in N. Ireland. We are extremely proud to have the backing of such a prestigious brand. We only work with one make of stove…because that is all we need. In our opinion, and most of the people that have invested in one agree, it is the best stove on the market. Clearview are the largest UK manufacturer of cleanburn stoves, and have been fully CONSTRUCTED in Shropshire for over 31 years (not just assembled) so we are supporting the UK economy too. Clearviews are up to five time more efficient than many other stoves on the market, with the renowned clear window on the flames. Why do we only work with one brand of stove? We both believe that if we dedicate all our efforts to one range we can know it and do it very well…and our valued clients enjoying the Clearview way of life, tell us each and every day so we must be doing something right.

In a recent Which?guide report, Clearview got the highest customer satisfaction score of any other brand of stove at 94%. At the end of the report, the Which? guide said “we didn’t realise excellence was possible, but Clearview have proved it”

It is worth visiting sites such as www.whatstove.co.uk to read customer reviews also on stoves. As you can imagine we have nothing to hide when we encourage you to do so, as a Clearview will sell itself, often described as the best investment for the home that people have made.

The Clearview brochure can be downloaded here

To demonstrate just how good these stoves are in comparison to others, our Showroom is at Naghan Lodge in Seaforde County Down, which has 8 stoves in the lodge and up to 5 stoves lit in the showroom each day to let you experience the warmth and hypnotic flame through a crystal clear glass window, along with the rest of the range.

If you already use a Clearview, we would be delighted to hear from you, and if you need anything for your stove, we always carry a full supply of spares. We would also ask you to leave reviews on whatstove.co.uk on your Clearview, as we advise our potential customers visit this site to make a more informed choice.

Complementary Ranges 

Kamado Joes

A new product we have introduced is the KamadoJoe clay ovens. Designed for long slow cooking, they make the perfect outdoor living product from meats, poultry and fish. Lumpwood charcoal burns for hours on one of these wonderful products, allowing a smoky flavour and slow succulent cooking that produces foods that will leave you considering whether you should ever barbecue again. Check out the KamadoJoe page and website link here